ExpressYard Railcar Maintenance Management System

ExpressYard  Railcar Maintenance Management System (MMS) helps reduce costs with auditing capabilities to avoid incorrect charges and provides exception reporting to eliminate unnecessary repairs. Load, view and print monthly invoice files in a readable format.  Audit repairs against AAR rules and pricing.  Track exceptions and perform counter billing.  MMS reduces rebilling and collection time, automates invoicing and helps prevent payment of incorrect charges.  

Smart Automotive Terminal

GE’s Smart Automotive Terminal (SAT) is a modern technology platform for automotive distribution operations in railroad facilities. Built on GE’s Predix™ platform , SAT provides broad capabilities, including Shipment Management, Railcar Management, Case Management and Inventory Management. Most importantly, SAT embeds optimization algorithms for load planning, task sequencing, and network planning to ensure efficient, on-time delivery of all automotive assets.

Smart Intermodal Management System

GE’s Smart Intermodal Management System is a next-generation platform designed to improve the productivity of terminal operations through real-time planning, precise control of terminal events and efficient gate processing. Built on GE’s Predix™ platform, Smart Intermodal Management System provides intelligent decision automation, leveraging cloud-based data-analytics technology, to efficiently manage inbound and outbound rail operations, gate operations, and work-order management. 

ExpressYard Car Repair Billing System

The relentless pressure of high productivity, industry regulations and increasing customer expectations means there’s little room for error and inefficiency in railcar repair operations. GE’s ExpressYard® Car Repair Billing solution combines timely data, enhanced management information, and powerful decision-making tools to help railcar repair organizations simplify and manage billing and maintenance operations, while ensuring regulatory compliance. 

The result? Enhanced operational efficiency. Increased bottom-line productivity. And reduced repair and maintenance costs.

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