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Yard Planner


Visualize the yard of the future.

Classification yard optimization is at the heart of every rail operation. Manual planning leads to inefficiencies in yard operations. On an average, railcars spend 40-60% of time sitting idle. 

Yard Planner is an advanced software solution that provides for real time planning and optimization of a rail classification yard. It helps train masters and yardmasters visualize yard state and plan yard activities and make optimal decisions on asset utilization and resource allocation.

Yard Planner maximizes car connection performance (right car on right train) and reduces car dwell by planning & optimizing terminal operation activities without compromising outbound on time departure performance.

The result: Reduced car dwell in the yards. Improved car connection performance. Improvement in on-time train departures. Improved train/car velocity. And reduced equipment CapEx and OpEx.

Key features:


  • Generate a yard level car processing plan that provides a detailed schedule, including time and resources, for the movement and processing of each car.
  • Support manual planning and ondemand replanning and communicate plan and execution status to yard personnel and other railroad stakeholders.


  • Provides intuitive way to view yard status, yard plan, and key performance indicators.
  • Display planned activities in traditional lists and graphical forms.
  • Track yard status, including yard inventory, approaching inbound trains and planned outbound trains.


  • Optimize rail yard work flow and operations and plan to respond to changing yard inventory, resources and inbound and outbound trains.
  • Constantly monitor yard state versus car connection and outbound departure goals.


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