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RailDocs Wayside Asset Management System


Keep wayside maintenance efforts on track. 

RailDOCS is a cloud-based mobile software platform for configuration management, testing, inspecting, reporting and maintaining track, signal, bridge and communications equipment. It also provides the means to track and manage signal, train crew and dispatcher employee time and availability. RailDOCS stores over 6 million test forms for 100,000 locations and complies with railroad, state and federal regulations. 

The result? Improved preventative maintenance, increased safety, greater compliance with regulations, and greater employee productivity.

RailDOCS is a web-based and mobile solution that works with all OEM vendors to provide a single, independent source of data and control from the largest asset database of its type in North America. RailDOCS handles more than 250,000 web requests per day, manages over 1 million separate configuration items and stores over 5 million test and inspection forms..

Configuration Management

RailDOCS Configuration Management System (CMS) was developed in response to an FRA mandate promoting the safe operators of microprocessor-based signal and train control system. RailDOCS CMS manages configurations and guidelines for every component and identifies how these components work together.  Manufacturers and OEMs keep RailDOCS CMS updated with the latest product changes and enhancements. CMS allows you to enforce company standard, OEM bulletins and government regulations across your entire operation—giving you a safe, reliable and efficient method of managing your infrastructure and complying with government regulations.  

Signal Tests and Inspections

RailDOCS Signal Tests and Inspections System is used by railroads to standardize and improve the costly and intensive inspection process. Tests and Inspections allow workers to enter inspection results on-site via a handheld device or laptop. As a result, the information gathered is both timely and reliable. RailDOCS Tests and Inspections System accomplishes all of this while complying with government regulation in addition to reducing costs. The RailDOCS Bolt-On Maps capability allows you to identify your assets and track maintenance graphically. This feature provides user-friendly mapping interfaces inside of the RailDOCS system and allows you to see which assets need attention.

Hours of Service

The RailDOCS Hours of Service System electronically records employee work hours and provide real-time access to employee rest status and availability. It complies with the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 49, Part 228, which governs hours of service for railroad employees and mandates undisturbed rest periods for electronic signature and record-keeping. RailDOCS Hours of Service System offers railroad employees, train crews (transit and freight) and train dispatch employees two ways to report service hours—online or via an interactive voice response system.

Bridge Structure Inspections

RailDOCS® Bridge Structure Inspections System is a web-based application designed to manage bridge information and inspections for railroads and transit agencies. The Bridge Structure Inspection System allows immediate access to bridge inventory data, inspection records and critical safety information.

RailDOCS® Bridge Structure Inspections System complies with federal regulation 49 CFR part 237 (Bridge Safety Standards) and supports the requirements for each railroad’s development of a Bridge Management Program. Store and maintain information required for the Bridge Management Program using the Bridge Structure Inspection System, allowing simplified oversight of the bridge inspection process. 

AEI Processing

Customer AEI sites send their data to Optimization Solution’s data center, where RailDOCS System dispatches the information to an unlimited number of recipients. RailDOCS System AEI dispatching options can meet any need, with dispatch rules that can be simple enough to handle a single route on a single AEI site or complex enough to manage a customer’s entire fleet of sites spanning multiple railroads.  The RailDOCS System AEI front-end processor also applies sophisticated diagnostic logic to each AEI message received and provides unmatched metrics for automated monitoring of AEI site health, with instant dispatching of alert messages.

Hazmat Reporting and Inspections

The RailDOCS Hazmat Incident Reporting and Inspections System is a fully comprehensive tool to report and track accidents and incidents on the jobsite. It tracks and records car inspections trailer inspections, outreach reports and after-action reports, while providing responder tracking. It also tracks the cars involved, costs, material transfers, evacuations and injuries for each incident. With the ability to track each of these types of incidents and easily create new reports, RailDOCS Hazmat Incident Reporting System is a fully comprehensive solution.

Project Management

RailDOCS Project Management System is a fully integrated software offering which provides a complete life-cycle management solution with the inherent capability to track any number of defined milestones and/or information.

RailDOCS Project Management System provides tools for all of the following:

  • Engineering estimates
  • Labor tracking
  • Construction and tracking
  • Bill of materials
  • In-process CAD
  • In-process software
  • Safety and sign-off checks

RailDOCS Project Management System provides the user with complete access to all of the pertinent information of each assigned project at the click of a mouse.

Plan Management

RailDOCS Plan Management System allows you to manage your electronic drawings from the internet on any computer without worrying about CAD software licenses or purchases. CAD files are converted to PDF files on the fly, allowing easy printing, plotting and sharing. You can easily find the information you need based on railroad-specific information like milepost, location name/type or even GPS coordinate. RailDOCS Plan Management System allows self-service of your native CAD files to support engineering collaboration, which helps support engineering and construction projects. RailDOCS Plan Management System is also supported by Optimization Solution’s Document Management and Logistics group. GE Transportation can provide the manpower and secure physical storage you need to manage your documents for you from simple scanning and conversion to just-in-time reproduction and distribution of plans and other physical or electronic media. 

Yard Tests and Tasks

RailDOCS Yard Tests and Tasks System is a web-based application that helps you schedule and record the results of routine preventative maintenance activities on yard assets and related infrastructure.

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