LOCOTROL® Distributed Power System

Optimize the distribution of motive power and brake control within an entire train.

LOCOTROL Distributed Power System is a proven control and communication system that enables coordinated braking and traction power distribution between lead and remote locomotives – for faster stopping times, shorter stopping distances, and reduction in train separations or “break-in-two’s.”

The result? Increased hauling capacity.  Better rail adhesion.  Improved fuel efficiency.  Increased system throughput. And reduced operating costs.  

Installed on more than 15,000 locomotives around the world, the systems provide control of remote locomotives by command signals sensed at the lead locomotive and transmitted over a radio data link to the remote units. LOCOTROL® is designed to operate safely if radio communication is lost and will interface with almost every type of braking and train line control system.

Key features & benefits:

  • Increases train hauling capacity: Enables longer and heavier trains. Increases throughput and capacity. Up to 4 radio controlled remote locomotives per consist
  • Improves train handling
  • Reduces train stopping distances, stopping times: 22% reduction on stopping distances and times
  • Reduces brake pipe charging time: 60% lower brake pipe charging time
  • Reduces rail/wheel wear: 80% less rail & wheel wear in curves
  • Interfaces w/ almost every type of braking & train control
  • Improves fuel efficiency, depending on territory
  • (Optional) Tower control for loading/unloading: At mines and ports with slow speed control
  • (Optional) Message Repeaters: to improved radio coverage in trouble areas