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GoLINC™ Platform


Enhance connectivity to make your data work harder.

GoLINCTM is an industry-tested network, communication, and application management platform for the railroad environment. It is a mobile data center that provides robust processing, wireless communication, networking, video, and data storage. GoLINCTM interfaces with both locomotive and third party systems to make data available, and features onboard wireless capability for easier data transfer. 

The result? Enhanced communication and improved productivity throughout your operation

Key Features:

  • Modular, flexible and redundant design

Available in multiple chassis sizes and module configurations. Modular design allows for growth.

  • Powerful application modules

Host for existing or new business applications. Provides a common networking, communications and control platform for RR business applications and communications.

  • Multiple cell and Wii-Fi configurations

Multiple cell and Wi-Fi configs (LTE, EV-DO, HSPA, 802.11a/b/g/n); LTE/4G wireless capability, Dual Wi-Fi plus integrated GPS

  • Network Storage, up to 8TB, accessible to all devices

Accessible to all devices on the network

  • Consist Ethernet routing supports trail unit control 
  • Web user interface

Web user interface (UIF) provides the user with the ability to navigate and manage any configuration. This tool allows the user to configure, upgrade and view diagnostics of any module in the chassis through a single portal. 

  • Ruggedized for harsh environment 

Designed for railroad environment

  • Interface with LDARS

GoLINCTM interfaces with is the Locomotive Data Acquisition Recording System (LDARS), a crash hardened memory for FRA, PTC and video data. 

GoLINC Data Optimizer

GoLINC Data Optimizer is a new, forward-thinking technology that is defining a new standard in collection, processing, and management of that data. Today’s locomotives are generating more data than ever and far more data than can be economically off-boarded - hence decisions have to be made concerning the storage and extraction of what matters most. The core of the GoLINC Data Optimizer is a common PredixTM-based business rules processing engine with instances both on-board and off-board. The rules engine provides configurable, logical processing of data. 

Read more about GoLINC Data Optimizer.

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