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ExpressYard Railcar Asset Management System


ExpressYard System

The ExpressYard System for Railcar Maintenance Management, Repair and Inspection is the leading software solution for railcar repair shops to manage billing and maintenance operations and provide railcar owners with timely data, enhanced management information and decision-making tool to reduce repair and maintenance costs.

Car Repair Billing (CRB) has several modules:


CRB has a powerful engine that will audit repair lines against a predefined set of federal audit rules. In addition, custom audit rules can be individualized based on your customer’s requirements, eliminating the need to answer exception letters and correct repair bills.

Barcode Billing

CRB barcode billing significantly improves the AAR railcar repair billing process. By associating inventory barcodes with the correct repair data, barcode billing provides a fail-safe way to write-up railcar repair bills. A simple scan of a barcode captures the billing repair card (BRC) line item information and instantly records the inventory data.

Mobile Technology

Simplify the repair and inspection process by capturing data electronically, in real-time, where and as the work is completed. CRB uses rugged mobile devices that are built for quick and accurate data entry by shop personnel and enable work to be completed quickly and efficiently, both inside and outside of the shop. CRB’s mobile data automatically synchronizes with Optimization Solution’s data center via wireless connection to ensure repair data is always up-to-date and accurate. 

Additional CRB features Include:

  • Simplify inventory tracking, purchasing, pricing and consumption
  • Send reports in the necessary format
  • Real-time electronic data capture during inspection, complaint with AAR field manual
  • Track labor time and analyze time spent vs. time estimate to complete repairs
  • Mange the movement of cars in your facility

Railcar Maintenance Management System (MMS)

MMS allows railcar owners, leasing companies, railroads and rail shippers to increase data visibility and control to improve maintenance and repair decisions and reduce their associated costs.

MMS helps reduce costs with auditing capabilities to avoid incorrect charges and provides exception reporting to eliminate unnecessary repairs. MMS reduces rebilling and collection time, automates invoicing and helps prevent the payment of incorrect charges.

MMS reduces back-office processing time, minimizing the tasks associated with the billing process to assure accurate payments and billing.

  • Load, view and print monthly invoice files in a readable format
  • Audit repairs against AAR rules and pricing
  • Track exceptions and perform counter billing
  • Automate assignment of repair responsibility for review and generation of rebuttal bills
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