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Trip Optimizer System

Trip Optimizer

Train length and weight. Track conditions and grade. Driver response time and variation between drivers. These are just a few of the factors that influence the speed and efficiency of freight delivery—and its impact on your business bottom line.

Trip Optimizer is an intelligent, fuel-saving cruise control for a locomotive that optimizes fuel consumption based on a specific train’s make up and the route traveled. The system calculates the optimum speed profile by considering factors likes train length, weight, track profile and then automatically controls throttle and dynamic brake according to the plan to provide smooth operation while keeping the train on schedule and minimizing fuel use.

The result: Sustainable fuel savings of 3-17% (depending on train weight, configuration, terrain, etc.) and corresponding emissions reductions and efficient train handling.

Key features:

  • Automatic throttle and dynamic brake control

Automatic controls of throttle, dynamic braking—LOCOTROL DP remote consists, all according to plan

  • Individual plan for each train over a given territory

Optimizes fuel consumption based on a specific train’s make up and the route traveled

  • Provides efficient train handling

By reducing variance in operator performances while utilizing automatic train handling mode

  • Closed loop auto control

The train operator has the option to allow Trip Optimizer’s automatic control of throttle and brakes. The Operator remains under constant supervision of the train and can take charge again at anytime.

  • Auto-Independent Distributed Power control

For auto train handling of longer trains over difficult terrain with one or more remotes

  • Dynamic re-plan

Monitors actual train performance against the estimated requirements generated in the Trip Optimizer Plan. If actual horsepower, dynamic brake, mass or airbrake required to control the train deviate from the original plan, re-plans accordingly

  • EPA certified advanced energy management system

Fuel savings of 10% certified by EPA

  • Reduces driver variation

Reduces driver-to-driver variation in train operation that results in less than optimal fuel use, higher emissions, trop time variation, and wear and tear

  • Proven technology, increasing footprint

125 million miles of auto control, deployed on over 7,000 systems locomotives on major railroads

  • Air brake advisement

Plans where air brake is required – monitors in real time. Based on real time condition, prompts operator for airbrake application

  • Auto through divergence

Allows operator to select diverging track while remaining in Auto. Upon selection of the diverging track, system re-plans to the diverging track, while remaining in Auto

  • Smart HPT

Trip Optimizer Regulator looks forward and plans for areas where locomotives are not needed and idles them utilizing either Train Lines or eMU resulting in incremental fuel savings

  • Trip Optimizer Data

Trip summary data for every trip to monitor system performance

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