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Expert-on-Alert System


Centralized locomotive monitoring and diagnostics in real time.

The Expert on Alert system enables condition based maintenance of locomotives through centralized monitoring of locomotive health status and performance in real time. Locomotives transmit data to the Monitoring & Diagnostic center, where a team of experts analyze control system status and performance data. Diagnostics determine the root cause of in transit failures and provide timely maintenance and repair recommendations.

The result? Reduced mission failures, minimized train delays, and more efficient and proactive service routing.

Key features:

  • Monitoring & Diagnostics

Delivers real time locomotive health checks and diagnostics. Rule based diagnostic algorithms detect and trigger locomotive fault events. Fault logs are analyzed to determine root cause.

  • Proctive repair recommendation (Rx)

Provides recommendations validated by experts that ensure problems are fixed correctly the first time

  • Streamlined shop operations, proactive repair planning

Repair shops receive root cause diagnostics and prescriptive repair instructions while the locomotive is in transit. Advanced diagnostics of key locomotive components enable proactive part and resource planning

  • Proven technology

Over 16 years of providing RM&D services, monitoring > 15,000 locomotives and processing > 1 million messages daily, generating 250 daily repair procedures (Rx)

  • Secure web-based portal accessible anytime, anywhere

Web based enterprise portal delivers real time locomotive health checks and diagnostics right at the fingertips of shop managers and craftsmen.

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