Hear from Brad Howell, Lodestar President, at GE’s Minds + Machines Conference in Chicago on October 9, 2013. Lodestar, a third party logistics provider has been using GE Transportation’s Optimization Solution ShipperConnect software and solutions and discusses his long-standing relationship with Optimization Solutions, the benefits of GE’s shipper products, and their future plans for using ShipperConnect solutions for rail shippers.


Addressing Challenges in Today’s Rail Supply Chain

At GE, we speak our customers’ language and the language of industry.  We are comprised of innovators, engineers, and designers. Today, our team is focused on building brilliant machines. From jet engines to wind turbines to locomotives, we are creating machines that talk to each other providing real-time, data-driven insights across a variety of industries...


We enable better performance over a longer period of time for your assets. These include tools for rail shippers to optimize their supply chain and maintaining and configuring assets on location and in the field. GE Transportation's onboard solutions also increase the utilization and operational efficiencies of rolling stock in terms of safety, capacity, and cost and energy consumption.

The ExpressYard System for Railcar Maintenance Management, Repair and Inspection is the leading software solution for railcar repair shops to manage billing and maintenance operations and provide railcar owners with timely data, enhanced management information and decision-making tool to reduce maintenance costs. 

LocoCAM’s real-time video and audio monitoring aids in accident investigations to help reduce litigation and settlement costs. This onboard communication systems is designed to deliver reliable, affordable tools for communications of all types.

With LOCOTROL® Distributed Power and Remote Control Locomotive Systems, railraods can optimize the distribution of motive power and braking control over the entire length of the train. It is the industry standard for providing distributed power to railroads worldwide, with more than 15,000 systems installed on both electric and AC or DC diesel locomotives around the world.

RailDOCS Wayside Asset Management System is the market leading turnkey software solution for planning, managing and optimizing the daily operations of railroad maintenance departments.

A state-of-the art on-board train control system, Trip Optimizer (TO) — functions much like an aircraft’s auto-pilot, learning a train’s characteristics, creating an optimal trip profile, then automatically controlling throttle and dynamic brake to gain up to 10% energy savings, 10% emissions reductions, and 11% mean shift. 


Our network, operations and systems are designed to work together to optimize both mainline and rail yard performance. Together these products and systems help increase network velocity and capacity, improve on-time performance, and reduce dwell time at yards by automating network operations and delivering data intelligence to improve decision-making. With real-time planning and optimization capability, railroads can react to unplanned events and re-plan train movement to resolve conflicts.

Solutions & Services

Addressing a full range of planning needs from offline analyses to real-time scheduling and execution, Movement Planner system uses a simulation -based  planning system that integrates the physical network model to compute running times between stations and forecasts arrival times at scheduled stops independent of scheduled times.

Supply Chain

We understand that the rail industry offers an extremely cost effective way to transport multiple goods over long distances but causes new challenges in terms of supply chain operation. Our products help simplify managing shipping multiple products for numerous customers over significant distances and diverse transportation networks.

Solutions & Services

ShipperConnect helps industrial rail shippers automate rail operations, obtain shipment visibility and manage transportation assets and inventory.


Increase productivity and efficiency by automating operations and delivering data intelligence to improve decision-making.

Solutions & Services

OASIS is the leading intermodal rail terminal operating system (TOS) software used by operators across North America to manage, plan and optimize terminal operations. This TOS enables precise control of terminal events, inventory and work-flow management, sophisticated train scheduling and loading and inbound and outbound gate processing.


RailConnect Transportation Management System (TMS) is the leading software offering for mission-critical rail transportation management including rail operations control, revenue settlement and management of car hire accounting.

GE Transportation’s Yard Planner System is a software solution designed to optimize the operation of a rail classification yard. The operational activities covered include inbound train termination, car humping, car sorting and outbound train building.