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GE Mining Safety Technology

  • Products include instrumentation for underground coal directional drilling and coal seam degasification, as well as collision avoidance equipment and systems for open cut mining operations.

    Details of each of our product and service offerings are as follows:

    • Collision Avoidance System

    • Drill Guidance System

    • Remote Asset Monitoring System

    • In Vehicle Monitoring System

CAS GPS - Collision Avoidance System

Protecting vehicles, infrastructure & people

Principal of Operation

The CAS GPS system is designed as a market entry driver’s aid that provides 360 degree situational awareness of objects in proximity to a heavy vehicle during stationary, slow speed and high speed operations in order to reduce the risk of vehicle to vehicle, vehicle to infrastructure and vehicle to personnel interactions:

  • All vehicles are fitted with a GPS receiver, vehicle-to-vehicle (V-V) radio link and vehicle display unit.
  • The system automatically detects obstacles within critical zones around a vehicle and notifies the driver with progressive audible alerts and radar style graphic alerts on the vehicle display unit.
  • Alarming is based on real-time predictive algorithms based on heading, speed, stopping distance , vehicle / object type and distance.
  • Alarm rules are displayed visually providing the driver with situational awareness information in order to avoid a high-risk interaction.


Collision Avoidance System

V-V radio link

Vehicle display Unit

CAS Lite - Key benefits and features

  • Simplicity by Design
  • Intuitive Operation
  • 360 degree proximity detection around heavy mobile equipment
  • Driver’s aid that reduces the likelihood of collisions and near misses between heavy mobile equipment, light vehicles and infrastructure
  • Protect workers at risk when interacting with heavy mobile equipment
  • Context based proximity alarms using smart algorithms
  • Adaptable to mine specific operations using confi gurable proximity alarm logic
  • Robust, rugged platform capable of supporting future developments and integrating the latest technologies
  • Cost effective platform that delivers results and value for money
  • Backward compatible with current CAS-CAM/RF® system cameras & RF proximity sensors
  • Supported worldwide by our expert teams
  • Positional Tracking - precision GPS technology which gives accurate location backed up by an advanced array of tracking aiding G-Force and Gyro digital sensors.
  • Connectivity – Real-time via Wi-Fi, Ethernet, GPRS GSM, 3G, HSDPA & 4G (future models)
  • Data Logging – Logs all vehicle interactions / alarms, operator responses, equipment health monitoring and vehicle journey every second. Storage capacity for 30 days of 1 second logs.
  • Geo Fences – for no-go / exclusion zones (e.g. blast zones, voids, obstacles, overhead power lines, speed zones, site separation rule zones)
  • CASLite web client – Web based reporting allows end-users to view, administer, create alerts & geofences, send vehicle messaging, setup & generate reports, conduct trending analysis, view key statistics about vehicle interactions & near misses, review multiple vehicle journey replays and cluster mapping.

CAS RF - Collision Avoidance System

Protecting people and equipment

Key Features

  • A proven technology that supports mine operators Safety Culture and ‘Zero Harm’ goal.
  • A Completely standalone system.
  • Utilising the latest ‘Time of Flight Technology’ to deliver the most accurate detection and measurement system available.
  • Adaptable to mine specific operations with configurable alarm logic.
  • A robust, rugged mine specific platform capable of supporting future developments and integrating the latest technologies.
  • Supported worldwide by our expert teams.
  • Key statistics about vehicle interactions, near misses as well as system health reports available via a web page.


  • Cameras are used to eliminate known blind spots around the vehicle.


  • In-Cab display provides the ID of vehicles/objects detected as well as displaying images from the cameras.

RF unit

  • RF Units installed front, rear and sides provide 360 degree object detection.
  • DGS Touch - Basic Features

    DGS Touch is an Intrinsically Safe (I.S.) Measure Whilst Drilling (MWD) survey tool for Directional Drilling in underground coal mines for gas drainage, exploration and dewatering holes.

    DGS Touch is operated entirely using the Touch Screen which provides easy access to all features of the system. The intuitive software offers only the screens relevant to the current operation which increases drilling efficiency and enables the operator to very quickly access the specific functions required.

    DGS Touch is designed to provide advanced diagnostics, such as full battery management, Downhole Instrument diagnostics and MECCA line communication analysis.

    Australian Certification

    • DGS Computer - Ex d ia ‘s Zone 0’ - Aus Ex 3864X
    • DGS Downhole Instrument - Ex ‘s Zone 0’ [ia] - Aus Ex 3870X
    • OdaDisk - Ex ia s Zone 0 - ANZ Ex 05.4001X

    International Certification

    • The DGS System is approved to be used in underground gassy coal mines in the following countries: China, Russia, South Africa, Japan
    • Nb: MSHA Certification & Approval for use in USA currently pending.

    DGS Touch – Computer Computer Specifications

    • Industrial Grade CPU Board
      • Intel Pentium 1.4GHz LV
      • 1GB DDR-333 Ram
      • Windows XP
      • 2 GB Compact Flash Hard Disk
    • Computer Enclosure
      • Steel Computer Enclosure
      • Impact resistant glass window
      • Stainless Steel frame
      • Shock, water and dust resistant
    • Weight - 115kg
    • Dimensions: 0.63m x 0.55m x 0.39m
    • Display
      • 12.1” TFT Colour
      • Low Voltage LED backlight
      • 800 x 600 SVGA
    • Power
      • Wide Input Range
      • 110V – 250V AC
      • 50-60Hz
      • 60W
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