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GE Hi-Cap XL Continuous Haulage System


At GE, we have been designing and manufacturing durable, reliable haulage systems since 1955. You will find these qualities throughout our Hi-Cap XL Continuous Haulage System. The Hi-Cap XL is recognized as the most flexible continuous haulage system in the mining industry, capable of operating in true 90° cross-cuts

Our engineers and field service personnel have worked alongside mine operators to develop a top quality,
high capacity haulage system packed with impressive features including low ground pressure for reduced wear and tear on tram units, less pressure on the mine floor and unmatched flexibility for easy maneuverability.

Key advantages:

  • 30” Conveyor moving up to 22 tons of coal per minute
  • Operates in seams as low as 30” (0.7m)
  • True main frame, built for the long haul
  • Optional remote control
  • Center operated for increased visibility, safety and operator comfort
  • Dual 180 degree articulating crawlers offer unparalleled maneuverability 
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