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GE Battery Powered Scoops

At GE Mining, we are committed to bringing the latest technology to the mining industry. This commitment led us to developing and bringing the first AC VFD Battery Powered Scoop to the mining industry. The advanced performance within the drive package combined with less electrical heat allows the AC machines to outperform and outlast their 128 volt DC system predecessors.

Our AC VFD Scoops are equipped with a 35HP pump motor, and optional single or dual 75HP tram motors. The units feature 240V tubular batteries that increase battery life cycles while decreasing motor maintenance costs, a Variable Frequency Drive electrical system, heavy-duty frame and inboard planetary axles with wet disc service brakes.

Key Advantages

  • Greater machine torque

  • Increased Tram Speed

  • Up to twice the battery life of standard 128V Units

  • Grade speed control and load capacity stability

  • Safer Operating Conditions

  • Decreased battery maintenance

  • Proven dynamic braking capability reduces wear on cables, motors and drive system

  • Significantly lower drive heat eliminates costly motor and cable replacements or repairs







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