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Passenger Locomotive Collaboration

New family of passenger locomotives will be powered by Evolution* Series Engine

For more than a century, GE Transportation has been a global technology leader, helping solve the world’s toughest rail challenges with a succession of freight and passenger locomotives, signaling and communications systems, information technology systems and traffic control and dispatch services. These breakthrough technological innovations help move people and goods around the world safely and efficiently.

With increasing higher-speed rail demands in North America, GE Transportation is continuing to innovate and meet the needs for the next generation of passenger rail as its Evolution Series technology forms the basis for higher- speed passenger locomotives.

GE Transportation is collaborating with MotivePower Inc. (MPI) to create the most reliable and efficient passenger locomotive to date. Together they will develop a new family of higher-speed passenger locomotives for the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA). The fleet of 20 HSP46‡ locomotives, scheduled for delivery in 2012 and 2013, will offer significant operational and environmental benefits compared to those currently in commuter and inter-city operation today.

A product of ecomagination, these new models will feature the groundbreaking Evolution Series Engines, be EPA Tier 3 emissions compliant, travel 110 mph and deliver greater fuel efficiency and produce fewer emissions than the locomotives they will replace. Ecomagination is a GE initiative to bring to market new technologies that will help customers meet their most pressing environmental challenges.

The new HSP46 Passenger Locomotives:


  • Feature GE Transportation’s technologically advanced Evolution Series Engine
  • Incorporate GE Transportation’s industry-leading AC individual-axle traction- control technology that enables greater hauling power, less wasted energy and reduced maintenance costs compared to older DC technology
  • Be coupled with an integrated head end power (HEP) system

The new HSP46 Passenger Locomotives’ Evolution Series Engine:

  • Delivers proven diesel-engine technology in operation since 2005, with more than 4,500 units in revenue service around the globe
  • Produces 4,650 HP, an increase of 250 HP compared to its 16-cylinder pre- decessor for passenger applications. This 45-degree, 12-cylinder, 4-stroke, turbocharged engine provides relatively greater efficiency, lower emissions, extended overhaul intervals and better fuel economy
  • Delivers a 6% fuel advantage over the latest two-stroke competitive engine in proven third-party testing
  • Uses enhanced cooling and higher-strength materials that dramatically improve reliability and allow for future increases in power and efficiency



GE Evolution Series TEP33A locomotive is one of the first diesel-electric locomotives with AC traction motors introduced in the CIS region. The TEP33A locomotive is based on the ES44ACi locomotive, and is designed to meet the wide temperature and operating conditions of the region. The dual cab, covered car-body houses a GEVO12, 4-stroke, turbocharged engine, providing high efficiency, low emissions and extended overhaul intervals.

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GE Evolution Series TE33A locomotive is designed for the 1,520 mm Russian gauge market, with compliance to Russian GOST  standards and safety norms. This dual  cab locomotive with enclosed walkways is  among the  first diesel-electric locomotives  with AC traction motors to operate in the CIS region, and is certified to meet GOST 50953 and 51249 & UIC IIIa emissions  standards. This model is designed for Kazakhstan and has been built at both the GE Erie and Astana workshops. The TE33A design is also modified to a standard gauge variant with 4,000 traction HP for Egypt, factoring in clearance and ambient environmental condition differences for that region.

 Download the full PDF on the right side of the page

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