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NextFuel™ Natural Gas Retrofit Kit with Dual Fuel Technology


    For Tier 2+/Tier 3 EPA emissions EVO Locomotives

    GE Transportation has introduced its first dual-fuel locomotive retrofit kit that is expected to reduce locomotive fuel costs by up to 50%. These GE kits offer 100% diesel flexibility with up to 80% natural gas substitution. The natural gas substitution allows for a dramatic increase in locomotive haul distances (more than twice the distance before refueling under normal operating conditions) all while maintaining top performance standards and meeting all emission regulations.

    Key benefits of the retrofit kit include:

    • Up to a 50% reduction in fuel costs
    • Up to 80% Natural Gas substitution*
    • 100% diesel flexibility
    • Low pressure system
    • More than double the refuel distance
    • Meets US EPA Tier 3 emission standards
    • No negative impact on performance
    • Natural Gas fuel sustainability

    * Up to 80% substitution is based on AAR duty cycle, and AAR Environmental conditions, 92% methane content


The NextFuel™ Natural Gas Retrofit Kits for Tier 2+/Tier 3 EPA emissions are the first dual-fuel powered locomotive kits introduced to the North American market by GE Transportation. The engine will deliver the same industry leading performance while providing the customer with significant savings on fuel costs. The retrofit kits which are installed onto existing locomotives use a safe low pressure system (120psi between tender and locomotive) with the flexibility to run on 100% diesel or up to 80% natural gas substitution when natural gas is available. This flexibility is crucial to customers who may find scenarios where using 100% diesel is necessary. All locomotives with the NextFuel™ kit will continue to meet current NOx/PM emission standards and are expected to comply with all future emission standards.

NextFuel™ Specifications
Evolution Series
Horsepower 4400 HP
Braking 117,000 lbs.
Tractive Effort 177,000 lbs.
Max Speed 79 mph
Gas Substitution Up to 80%*
Gas Operation Automatic
Controls Integrated control with diesel operation
Retrofit Kit Weight Approx. 6,000 lbs.

* Up to 80% substitution is based on AAR duty cycle, and AAR Environmental condi- tions, 92% methane content

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