Powered by GE Transportation’s 12-cylinder diesel engine, the Evolution Series Engine produces the same 4,400 HP as its 16-cylinder predecessor — with less fuel. This 45-degree, 12-cylinder, 4-stroke, turbocharged engine provides efficiency, fewer emissions and extended overhaul intervals. The engine also uses enhanced cooling and higher-strength materials that dramatically improve reliability and allow for future increases in power and efficiency.

The Evolution Series Locomotive meets the most stringent emissions standards including U.S. EPA Tier 3 and EU IIIa. The Evolution Series Engine also is offered in a 16-cylinder configuration that delivers 6,000 HP.

The current Evolution Series Locomotive is the result of a 10-year, $400 million investment by GE Transportation. Introduced in 2005, it is an incredible combination of power, performance and efficiency. These locomotives provide measurably higher reliability and lower life-cycle costs than previous GE Transportation models.

They also apply GE Transportation’s proprietary AC propulsion technology and control equipment that are more reliable and provide superior performance. The Evolution Series Locomotive is so powerful that one 12-cylinder locomotive can pull the equivalent of 170 Boeing†† 747 jetliners. Built on a forward-looking and flexible global platform, the Evolution Series Locomotive is designed to meet global market needs and comply with current and future emissions standards. Today, more than 5,000 Evolution Series Locomotives are operating in 10 countries.


A product of ecomagination

GE Transportation was mindful of the environment when it developed the Evolution Series Locomotive. Not only was it essential to build a powerful, reliable and efficient locomotive, controlling its environmental impact also was critical.

The results are remarkable: The Evolution Series Locomotive represents one of GE’s most prominent ecomagination products. Ecomagination is GE’s commitment to build innovative products that maximize environmental and economic impact. Products with GE’s ecomagination designation undergo a rigorous process to prove they measurably help customers’ performance and bottom lines while simultaneously improving their environmental performance.

Reducing fuel use and lowering emissions

  • Use up to 5% less fuel while reducing emissions by more than 40% compared to previous GE Transportation models
  • Are 6% more fuel efficient than GE Transportation’s closest competitor in North America as validated by a nationally recognized, independent research institute
  • Meet U.S. EPA Tier 4 emissions standards by 2015
  • Meet EU IIIa emissions standards
  • Meet Russian GOST Standards and Safety Norms
  • Are designed to more easily accommodate future EPA, UIC and GOST emissions requirements

Air-to-air cooling

The locomotive incorporates GE Transportation’s most advanced cooling system in rail transport. In addition to a standard radiator and fan configuration, locomotives powered by the Evolution Series Engine use an advanced air-to-air cooling system for engine combustion air to enhance performance while lowering emissions.

AC individual-axle traction control

Evolution Series Locomotives deliver GE Transportation’s industry-leading AC individual-axle traction-control technology that enables greater hauling power by significantly reducing slippage on startups, inclines and during suboptimal track conditions. This unique technology ensures optimum performance, less wasted energy and substantially reduces maintenance costs and associated down time during the locomotive’s life compared to older DC and other AC technology traction systems.

Dynamic braking

In addition to air brakes, the Evolution Series Locomotive is equipped with dynamic braking technology that reduces wheel and brake shoe wear by an estimated 20 to 40%, depending on usage. Delivering up to 117,000 lbs. of (AC) braking effort, the locomotive uses field-tested grids and blowers from GE Transportation’s AC 4400 and Dash 9 locomotives. The braking grids are also completely isolated for greater reliability and simplified maintenance.

Computer-controlled architecture

The locomotive features sophisticated operator controls that improve diagnostics and simplify operation. The consolidated control architecture of the Evolution Series Locomotive makes it easier to upgrade software and download data. “Smart” displays eliminate several add-on black boxes in favor of a computer and display combination that enhances both reliability and operator ergonomics.

The Evolution Series Locomotive Global Platform, the Evolution Series meets local needs around the globe.

In Australia, GE Transportation’s Evolution Series Locomotive brings advanced locomotive technology to the energy-intensive mining industry. Rio Tinto Iron Ore depends on Evolution Series Locomotives to support its mining operations in the country’s Pilbara region.

In Brazil, the 6,000 HP Evolution Series ES58ACi Locomotive was modified to run on biodiesel fuel to comply with Brazil’s renewable energy regulations. These models transport iron ore from the edges of the Amazon region to the port at Sao Luis by Vale, the largest Brazilian mining company.

In China, GE Transportation’s Evolution China Mainline Locomotive is powered by a 6,000 HP engine. This custom-built locomotive is designed to achieve 75% more HP and produce 28% less nitrogen oxide (NOx) per HP hour than the locomotives in China’s current mainline fleet. In Egypt, Egyptian National Railway (ENR) introduced its first AC model — the Evolution Series Locomotive — in 2009. Transporting freight and passengers, these locomotives provide best-in-class fuel efficiency to significantly reduce ENR’s fuel consumption.

In Kazakhstan, Evolution Series Locomotives are assembled in a new plant in Astana, helping modernize the country’s rail infrastructure, diversify its economy and strengthen its manufacturing industry. In Mongolia, the Evolution Series Locomotive runs on the Ulaanbaatara Railway, a key gateway connecting landlocked Mongolia with the countries of Europe, East Asia and Southeast Asia.

In North America, Evolution Series Model ES44AC transports raw materials, finished goods, coal, grain and commodities on the continent’s vast and diverse rail infrastructure. In North America, BNSF is using Evolution Series ES44C4 Locomotives as a cleaner, faster, safer and more reliable alternative to DC-powered locomotives. The advanced technology of of the ES44C4 Locomotive reduces fuel use by 17% and emissions by 70% compared to existing DC locomotives.