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Locomotive Modernization


It's more than upgrade. It's an extreme makeover for older locomotives. Modernization revitalizes aging locomotives while delivering better performance , higher reliability  and lower operating expenses-all at a fraction of the cost of new power.

Giving a new lease on life to older locomotives.

GE's Locotomive Modernization Service can be as simple as upgrading the locomotive control system or can be as a total makeover of the entire locomotive. All new components in a total makeover include the control system, engine, propulsion, alternator, cooling system, air compressor, and ventilation systems.

Customer Outcomes

  • Extended asset life of 15-20 years 
  • Maintenance cost savings upto $10 per event 
  • Fuel savings upto 5%
  • Cost up to 60% less than new 
  • Fleet flexibility 

Capability and Features

  • Components and systems to be refreshed/modernized selected an customer-specific basis
  • Updated Control features
  • Heavy haul capability with c6 configuration
  • RM&D capability :250+discreet /virtual sensor signals
  • Diagnostic and self-test capabilities
  • Complete systems design approach
  • Drawings and installation instructions 
  • Engineering and technical support 

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