Trip Optimizer

A new advance makes train trips more efficient

GE’s Trip Optimizer, a product of Ecomagination, automatically controls a locomotive’s throttle, helping keep trains on schedule while minimizing fuel use. This makes the process of delivering locomotive freight more fuel-efficient and less costly.

Trip Optimizer creates an optimal trip profile that can minimize braking by automatically learning a train’s characteristics. The system calculates the most efficient way of running by considering such factors as train length, weight, grade, track conditions, weather and locomotive performance.

During the trip, a sophisticated network of on-board computers and GPS systems update the profile continuously, adjusting for changes so the train can arrive on time — and with minimum fuel use.

For each locomotive on which it is used, Trip Optimizer can reduce fuel consumption an incremental 32,000 gallons, cut greenhouse gas emissions by 365 tons, cut NOx emissions by 5 tons, and decrease particulate matter emissions by 0.2 tons.

For an average U.S. Class 1 mainline locomotive, reducing consumption by just 1% realizes $7,500 in fuel savings per year. Multiply that by the number of locomotives in your operation AND by the actual percentage drop in fuel usage and it's easy to see just how dramatic an impact Trip Optimizer can have on your bottom line.

Proven Fuel Savings

  • 10% energy savings
  • 10% emissions reduction
  • 11% mean shift
  • Reduced standard deviation between drivers
  • Removes variations in driver response seen in coaching system

Trip Optimizer (Auto Control) Speed Regulation

  • 90% vs. 65% on target
  • 10% vs. 19% underspeed
  • No overspeeds
  • Reduced variability

System Components

  • Wireless System
  • On-Board Planner
  • Closed Loop Control
  • Operator Interface