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Meet our Employees

Meet our Employees

Alan Hamilton and Anne Eisert are third and fourth generation GE employees in Erie, PA.  Read about Alan and Anne and their family history here at GE. 

Meet Alan Hamilton, third generation GE employee in Erie, PA

Alan Hamilton and his dad


A lifelong Erie area resident, Alan vividly remembers his father working at GE.  His father’s innovation and creativity at work and home inspired Alan to become an engineer, graduating from Penn State in 1990 with a BS in electrical engineering.  Alan’s grandfather was a GE appreciate graduate and foreman with 27 years of service while his father started as a draftsman and retired as an engineer after 46 years of service.  Alan still runs into with father on-site occasionally when he gets called back to help with a project on the locomotive services wreck repair team.  Alan is proud to carry on their tradition, celebrating his 27th GE anniversary as General Manager for Systems Engineering.  

The Erie site has been operational for over 100 years.  One of Thomas Edison’s initial facilities, the site has been used to manufacture mining equipment, refrigerators, drill rigs, predictive warning systems, howitzers and, of course, locomotives.  The facility has been responsive to the needs of its customers and, when needed, to its nation. 

Alan is proud that, although the site has been operational for more than 100 years, it is home to continuous innovation.  GE technological innovation to address unmet customer needs result in global leadership in product performance and productivity.  The Tier 4 locomotive and marine diesel engine, along with the AC drive system for the Komatsu 400-ton mining truck are recent examples.

Alan is committed to the Erie community.  Alan is a life-long member of Emmanuel Presbyterian Church located at 36 and Perry.  As a United Way board member, Alan has been instrumental in GE’s engagement as one of the first partners for the Community School Initiative with United Way of Erie County and Erie’s Public Schools.  GE Transportation’s partnership with Edison Elementary started immediately with school supplies and a red-carpet welcome back to school, followed by fall sessions like STEM for Fourth Graders. The semester ended with a special holiday celebration where every student, staff and teacher received an Edison sweatshirt.  Can’t wait to see what the second semester brings!

Thank you, Alan, for your commitment both at work and in the Erie community.

Meet Anne Eisert, fourth generation GE employee in Erie, PA

GE Family Day


GE is a family tradition for Anne Eisert including father, grandfather, great grandfather and plenty of aunts, uncles and cousins.  In fact, the family proudly tells the story when cousin Sandy was crowned Miss Erie and helped lead the festivities at the 1960 GE Family Day. 

This week, Anne celebrated her 28th work anniversary and is currently the Tier 4 Lifecycle Program Manager.  She’s working on all the new parts for the newest North America locomotive.  We asked what has made an impression on her over the years and she said the technology.  She’s seen great technology being developed for our customers, and proud of personally creating some of that technology herself to help customers. 




She pointed out the community is extremely important to GE.   Anne is a co-leader for GE’s Women’s Network and leads GE’s STEM efforts with Penn State Behrend.  Working together, GE and Penn State Behrend connect with local area schools to help inspire K-12 students with science, technology, engineering and math to stay connected to technology-related career paths. Events that run throughout the year include Math Options, Women in Engineering, GE Girls @ Penn State and STEM Fair

GE Girls is a week-long camp held over the summer for middle school girls.  They get to see what it is like to be an engineer with hands-on activities like making lip gloss and Lego animals that move with circuits.  Throughout, they meet women role models in various stages of their career, from students through subject matter experts.  Look at some of last year’s feedback on Facebook.

For the third year in a row, GE will kick off National Engineering Week (February 20-24) with a community STEM Fair.  Held at Penn State, the event showcases fun exhibits like “smashing marshmallows” and racecars to illustrate the fun, fantastical world of STEM.  Last year, the event drew approximately 1,000 people. 

We thank Anne for her dedicated service and leadership for our business.

Watch Alan and Anne’s stories here:

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Anne Eisert



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