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Discover how Asset Performance Management from GE Transportation’s Digital Solutions can deliver reliability and operational efficiency


The final post in a four-part series showcasing GE Transportation’s Digital Solutions explores our growing portfolio of asset performance management solutions, including Expert-On-Alert, Power Advisor and Asset Tracker.  We’ll also take a sneak peek at what our engineers are working on now as GE introduces more advanced capabilities in the future.

Asset Performance Management


Asset Performance Management, in short, is using data that comes from equipment and assets, applying advanced analytics with physics-based models, assessing current performance, and predicting how that asset will perform so that utilization can be optimized. 

The combination of data with physics-based models and advanced analytics results in increased reliability and availability with a reduction in operating costs.

Customers make money when their equipment operates. For example, when something happens to cause a locomotive to stop operating, there is disruption and that impacts the financials.  Asset performance management can provide early detection of problems to prevent in real time rather than reacting in real time.

Let’s take a deeper look at GE Transportation’s solutions.



TheExpert-On-Alert system is a centralized tool for monitoring locomotive health status and performance in real time.  Locomotives transmit data to the GE Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics center, where a team of experts analyze control system status and performance data. Diagnostics determine the root cause of in-transit failures and provide timely maintenance and repair recommendations thus reducing mission failures and train delays.

Core capabilities include:

  • Delivering real-time locomotive health checks and diagnostics
  • Enabling proactive part and resource planning through advanced diagnostics of key locomotive components
  • Providing recommendations validated by experts to ensure problems are fixed correctly the first time.

Outcomes include:

  • Reduces mission failures and minimizes train delays
  • Optimizes service shop loads
  • Saves cost by enabling advance planning of shop resource requirements

Expert-On-Alert has been deployed on over 15,000 locomotives around the world.  That’s a huge data set driving proven recommendations. 

Power Advisor


In response to the challenge of transportation desks having to make thousands of locomotive assignment decisions daily with limited time and visibility to a locomotive’s capability, GE developed Power Advisor. It is a real-time locomotive decision support tool designed to deliver locomotive health insights that enable power planners and dispatchers to improve utilization and mission success by making smarter, faster power assignment decisions. With Power Advisor, customers have an advantage by knowing the predicted performance capacity of each locomotive before selecting it for its mission.

Core capabilities include:

  • Monitoring a locomotive fleet using a cloud-based portal
  • Advanced analytics monitoring critical sub-systems linked to optimal train performance
  • Asset Performance Index scoring a locomotive based on asset condition risk

Outcomes include:

  • Increase utilization
  • Maximize mission success
  • Reduce train delays

Asset Tracker

GE’s Asset Tracker provides asset location and visualization based on GPS every 5 minutes.  Subscription-based alerts communicate status in conjunction with user-set fuel level and operational data limits. 

Outcomes include: 

  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Higher productivity


What’s next?

GE Transportation is bringing asset performance management into the future by:

  • Adding capabilities to existing solutions that will increase the level of predictivity
  • Expanding the asset footprint to include non-GE assets
  • Providing new fuel utilization analytics
  • Adding planning algorithms to move from manual assignment to forecasting and automation

At GE Transportation, we’re revolutionizing the rail industry with our digital solutions for advanced asset performance analytics and the rail network to the supply chain and rail operations.

Ready to take the next step with asset performance management, or any of our other digital solutions for the rail ecosystem? Contact GE Transportation’s Digital Solutions team 404-355-6734 or send an email to to get started today.


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